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Phillies Panel: The Future

In this last part of the Panel, our panelists look at the farm and take their best guesses at what will unfold over the next few months. If you missed Part 1 discussing Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, you can read it here. If you missed Part 2 discussing other free agent targets and Phillies who no longer belong in Philly, you can read it here.


Chris Deibler- @mrcrockpot

Ty Book- @TyBook3

Jack Levy- @jlevy34

Steve Starkins (FS09) – @Fansince09

Adam Schorr – @BusterDucks

Moderator: Are there any prospects you’re looking forward to seeing this year, either at the Major League level or progressing through the minors?

Chris: The obvious answer is Sixto Sanchez, but I’ll leave that to another brother from PFO. What do the Phillies do at 3rd base now and for the future? The guy I’m looking forward to most is Alec Bohm, the Phillies’ 3rd overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft. The right handed slugger projects as a power bat in the middle of the lineup and is a fighter in the box. Alec Bohm will spend the majority of the offseason working on his defense and developing his power. The Phillies have some major question marks at 3rd base. Do they move Santana to 3rd? What do they think about Franco? Regardless, the Phillies must hit on Alec Bohm (pun intended).

Ty: I agree with Chris about Sixto Sanchez being the guy to watch.  At 20 years old he has a huge ceiling and performed great for Clearwater this year (4-3, 2.51 ERA, 46.2 IP, 45 K, 11 BB, 1.071 WHIP).  CBS Philadelphia sports reported that Sanchez would get innings in the Florida Instructional League and probably play in the Arizona Fall League as well. I think if all goes well for him this Fall, the organization will push for him to be a big leaguer by 2020 or 2021, although he has the stuff to push his way up faster. Here are a couple other names to keep in mind as well: Adam Haseley (OF) hit .305 between Clearwater (.300) and Reading (.316) and was their 8th overall pick in 2017. Jose Pujols (OF) hit .301 with 22 homers, also splitting time between Clearwater and Reading. Mickey Moniak (OF), the 1st overall pick in 2016, started to find some traction finishing .270 with 28 doubles. I don’t think any of these three push for spots next year but they might have a shot in the next three or four seasons to make an impact.

Adam: I think Chris and Ty hit the highlights, so I’m gonna dig a little deeper and throw some names out for those of you who want to follow some lesser known guys. Cole Irvin (5th Round 2016) and Enyel De Los Santos (appeared for the big club) are probably the two guys closest to making a real impact in 2019. Deivi Grullon (C, Dominican Republic signee) hit 21 HR in 353 PA as a 22 year old in Reading, which is extremely impressive. He is one of the highest profile Latin signings in the Phillies’ system, getting a signing bonus of $575,000, and is probably the best prospect on this list. Austin Listi (1B/3B/COF, mid-round college 2017) earned the Paul Owens Award as the best hitter in the organization in 2018 and could be a mid-season call-up this season if he hits in AAA. Edgar Garcia (RP, DR signee) has the stuff and has been working his way up the minors step by step. 2019 is probably too early to expect him to make a major league impact, but he could be a top 3 bullpen arm by 2021. Mauricio Llovera (P, Venezuela signee) had over 10K/9 as a 22 year old starter in Clearwater and may be the second most interesting name on this list behind Grullon. He is one of those guys with electric stuff who fades fast and has moments of brilliance and moments of not-so-brilliance. Kyle Dohy (RP, mid-round JuCo 2017) reportedly made some delivery changes and it resulted in him starting the season in Lakewood and ending in Reading. He still needs a lot of refinement but is a future LOOGY with potential to be a lockdown reliever if he can figure out where the ball is going.

Moderator: Go on record now – who do the Phillies actually get this offseason?

Chris: The Sixers missed out on Lebron, PG13 and Kawhi. Now it’s the Phillies turn. This is going to be an unforgettable offseason for the Phillies. After Herrera is moved, Scott Kingery will be the only Phil signed past the 2020 season. The Phillies will undoubtedly be the busiest team during the Winter Meetings and free agency. Machado and Harper will be joining the Phillies this season, but I also think we’ll see other players dumped in some less than ideal trades. However, Phillies fans will forgive Klentak for these trades due to the fact that Harper and Machado will be dressed in Phillies pinstripes for the foreseeable future.

Jack: I think the Phillies bring in Bryce Harper, Dallas Keuchel, and Jeurys Familia. I think Machado to the Yankees makes too much sense on both sides. Keuchel is a cheaper option off of Corbin and Familia provides the Phillies with some much needed bullpen help. I do think the Phillies make a trade for another hitter.

FS09:  I think we’ll see both Machado and Harper in pinstripes. If he isn’t perp walked for FELONY FRAUD before the winter meetings, John S. Middleton will be throwing his money around for many seasons to come. They will miss out on Corbin, but will strengthen the rotation with back-end rotation guys like Charlie Morton as opposed to a name. I also wouldn’t be shocked to see them keep Wilson Ramos around.

Adam: My guess is that they land Harper but not Machado because I’d much prefer the opposite and I’m too used to my teams missing out on my favorite guy. I expect Ramos back. If we miss out on Machado, I expect they’ll land a different shortstop, perhaps Jose Iglesias. I don’t expect much on the pitching front, maybe a reliever. Other than Harper/Machado, I just don’t see the Phillies making any other big splashes.

Adam Schorr

Adam Schorr (@BusterDucks) likes advanced stats, perhaps too much. We must go deeper!

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