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Process Potables – Episode 7 ft. Jason Blevins

PFO’s Jason Blevins joins Dan on the pod this week!

4:15 – Beer of the week #1 – Komes Baltic Porter

7:00 – Sixers/Knicks and Ben Simmons growing leadership

17:25 – Debate on Embiid’s defense this season

23:00 – Sixers/Timberwolves and how Karl-Anthony Towns stinks, but what if he was a Sixer?

28:30 – Why do we hate Minnesota? What’s the big difference between Philly fans and Minnesota fans?

33:10 – Did we “boo” Jerryd Bayless too much?

40:40 – Jeff Teague’s post game quote

41:50 – Beer of the week #2 – Petrus Aged Pale

44:10 – Sixers/Pacers and Embiid playing through pain

51:45 – Embiid’s historical greatness compared to Shaq/Duncan/Hakeem

57:30 – Are we past Embiid’s “injury” fears?

1:06:00 – Ben Simmons recent aggressive streak, performance since the Butler/Brown incident and since calling the team “soft”

1:12:00 – Rumored buy out/trade candidates

1:20:30 – TJ McConnell – future sixer?

1:27:00 – A cultural/psychological analysis of Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid

1:42:35 – Upcoming schedule

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Jason Blevins

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