Philly Front Office

Episode 13 – Forget the Sixers, here comes Harper!

6:00 – Beer of the Week #1 – Kelly Green BrewingPackt

10:10 – Discussing the Sixers four games without Joel Embiid: Miami, Portland, New Orleans, and Oklahoma City. Specifically, the play of:

12:00 – Ben Simmons

17:00 – Jimmy Butler/Tobias Harris

21:00 – Debunking the Jimmy Butler minutes/wear-and-tear narrative

32:25 – Discussing the Boban injury

37:30 – Justin Patton potentially playing some backup center?

38:45 – Looking at the Warriors and Magic games coming up

44:50 – Beer of the Week #2 – Tonewood BrewingFuego

46:50 – Where were you the last time the Sixers beat OKC? Who was on the Sixers?

53:00 – WE GOT BRYCE HARPER (uncut, unedited, uncensored – fair warning)

We talk Bryce, the city, the Phillies expectations, what this means for the future, and so much more!

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