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Feed Tobi, Don’t Play Bobi: 3 keys for the Sixers heading into the playoffs

The playoffs are right around the corner, and with the injury to James Ennis, Brett Brown’s playoff rotations need some adjustments. Here’s what I would do if I was the coach (thankfully I’m not).

Feed Tobi

It’s been a recurring theme for the Sixers that during the final few minutes of the game, the offense runs through Butler with Embiid as a fallback plan. That should not be the case, especially when the Sixers have a scorer as versatile as Harris. Last night, the Sixers had a chance to let Harris act as the “closer” with Butler out, but they neglected to do so. Whether that was intentional or not, they have to get him involved in the playoffs.

Don’t play Bobi

Look, I love Bobi. Honestly, it’s impossible to dislike him. However, the fact of the matter is he cannot play in a playoff game. Teams know how to adjust and are quicker to do so in the playoffs. Boban is horrendous in the pick-and-roll. On top of that, even though he’s shown some promise with a mid-range jumper, he is a spacing liability – especially when he’s on-court with Simmons. Bolden, who can hit the three, is mobile, and can provide a spark, should be the primary backup 5. If we’re being real, Boban is the fourth center in my depth chart (Embiid->Bolden->Johnson->Boban).


I saw a tweet recently that I could not have worded better. Take a read:

Zhaire has shown a willingness to shoot the three, hitting one as soon as he checked in the other night against the Bucks. His cutting and activeness is perfect to pair with Simmons. Not to mention the best part of his game, the defense. If the Sixers are in a position to use their all-defense lineup, the SG should be Smith. Zhaire is legitimately the only other good perimeter defender aside from Butler (and maybe J. Simmons). He has to play, especially with Ennis out.

I’m so ready for the regular season to end and for playoff time to begin. We’re almost there, folks.

Jack Margolin

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