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Process Potables Episode 18 – Sixers/Nets preview!

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Dan is joined by PFO’s Ty Daubert, who has covered the Blue Coats, Sixers, and Phillies for PFO, as well as hosts the Stupid Money Podcast, a Phillies podcast for PFO. You can find Stupid Money here.


First, we do some quick Phillies talk to calm everyone down after two tough losses following their 7-2 start. Will the Phils be aggressive in making moves to improve the rotation/bullpen or do we think the current guys can right the ship? (First 19 minutes)

19:00 – Then we briefly discuss the Philadelphia 76ers Blue Coats win over Chicago Wednesday and the enjoyment and excitement that came from watching our friends Shake Milton, Zhaire Smith, and Haywood Highsmith play significant NBA minutes (and completely ignore that all our starters sat out).

27:00 – Sixers momentum (or lack thereof) going into the playoffs, is this a concern? We discuss the extensive injury list, the Brett Brown and Elton Brand quotes, and the Sixers 4-6 record in their last 10.

35:00 – Playoff rotation discussion, Dan’s theory on Ben playing center in this series, how deep do they go into the bench?

40:00 – Do the other top East teams have just as many chemistry issues as the Sixers and no one is talking about it?

45:00 – Would we have rather faced Brooklyn or Orlando?

48:00 – Evaluating the season series with the Nets and explaining why it doesn’t matter at all.

53:00 – Could Zhaire actually play a role in this series?

1:02:00 – Position by position breakdown of the series and a semi-discussion on the use of analytics in the grand scheme.

1:17:00 – Joel Embiid’s per 36 plus the other Sixers main players.

1:24:00 – Why Jimmy Butler has to be the #2 guy for the Sixers to win this series. More on this here.

1:32:00 – The Nets main players per 36 numbers.

1:39:00 – Quick predictions for all of the Eastern Conference first round series.

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