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Process Potables Episode 19 – Game 1 Was Dark and Full of Terrors

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*Dan and Steve have audio quality issues, so fair warning, we apologize.* We considered not posting the episode but figured it’s still audible for those who really want to listen. We appreciate those who do, but we do not blame those who don’t. We’ll get it fixed, we promise!

Beer of the Week – Evil Twin Brewing –  I don’t know how to put this but this IPA is kind of a big deal (yes that’s really the entire name).

We spend the first 40 minutes trying to convince you not to worry about the Sixers in this first round series against the Nets. We request Brett Brown to play Zhaire Smith, we thank Playoff Jimmy for showing up, and we worry about Ben Simmons being able to get going in these playoffs.

We spend the last 30 minutes rambling about Game of Thrones because Season 8 premieres tonight! There are **SPOILERS** so if you don’t like theories, predictions, and things like that, probably not a great idea to listen. If you want to hear me shoot down most of Steve’s theories like the dickhead that I am, then it’s a must listen.

Dan Morgan

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