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Commuter Watch Party 5/13

Like many of our Philly Phaithfuls, Dave P commutes to work on the Regional Rails. And like many commuters, he’s streaming as much as he can, so he’s decided to help out Philadelphia and get you to work watching what you need to! Enjoy the Commuter Watch Party!

Regional Rail Recap

I was out gallivanting in Greece the last two weeks, so with 11 hour flights, I was able to stream quite a bit. Last time I planned to watch Guava Island and Kevin Hart’s latest stand up special – which I actually did!

Guava Island was fantastic, and finding out it was only 55 minutes made it even better! 483,000 Jawnys! Sadly, Irresponsible was not as funny as I had hoped. I enjoy laughing on the train, but his last jokes went on a bit too long. 125 Jawnys 🙁

On vacation, I finished the 3rd Season of The Expanse. Be on the look out for the newest PFO Culture Podcast – The Roci Pod or Remember to Pod the Cant…who knows, we’ll have to Podcast about something other than The Avengers and Game of Thrones this summer.

Regional Rail Watch

This week, many 2018/2019 shows are having their finales, so I’ll be playing catch up on Cloak & Dagger on the Train (I have 7 episodes to get through). You can read more about Cloak & Dagger from my first article: 4/15 Watch Party

Gym Time and S.O. Watch

Let’s get into some of the shows or movies you should watch ahead of the summer: one for the Gym and one with your Significant Other.

S.W.A.T. (CBS) 

S.W.A.T. is my go-to when I need to use the Elliptical or Stationary Bike. The action scenes are fine, the crimes are extravagant, and the dialogue is exactly what you’d expect. It’s the perfect show for your daily workout.

This is SWAT Kats, another show with a kickass theme song!

Stream If…

You really like cop shows, you enjoyed the original S.W.A.T. (show or movie), or if you don’t have a Spotify Workout Playlist.

Skip If…

You don’t even lift bro, need a realistic cop show, or need plot.

Wine Country (Netflix)

Me and the Wife love Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler, so this isn’t something we will miss.

Oh and Rachel Dratch is along for the ride too!

It appears to be a mix of Bridesmaids and Sideways. So the two of us will pop some popcorn, open a Pinot Noir, and hopefully laugh.

Stream If…

Leslie Knope is your Spirit Animal, enjoy Road Trip movies, or if you drink.

Skip If…

You’ve already heard the bad reviews and can’t get past it or if you don’t have your friend’s Netflix password.

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