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Aaron Nola Finally Starting to Settle In

When Aaron Nola came out on Opening Day and only allowed two hits over six innings of work, it seemed that the Phillies’ young ace was on his way to finishing as a CY Young finalist for the second season in a row. Sadly that has not been the case, but things seem to be looking up for the Phillies’ bright young pitcher.

Turning Things Around

Through his first eight starts this season (Editor’s note: last night’s start was not included at the time of this writing), Nola is 3-0 with a 4.57 ERA. Not the ideal start for your number one pitcher. Although Nola is not on the same pace he was at this point in time last season, it seems that things are starting to turn around.

Over his last three starts, Aaron Nola has come out and started to look like the Nola of old. In these starts, he has thrown 17.2 IP, racked up 17 SO, and has only allowed three earned runs. He only picked up one win in these starts with two no decisions.

Moving Forward

Aaron Nola finding a groove is crucial for this team going forward. With the bullpen not as strong as they would like it to be, having him get back into his ace form and putting the team in a position to win every time he takes the mound is huge. If he can start to run deeper into games and give the pen a night off here and there, that could also have a big impact as well. 

Three good starts in a row is just what Nola needed to build his confidence back up and feel more comfortable on the mound. If he can continue to keep this up, not only will his numbers start to match where they were last season, but he could also see another CY Young finalist selection. 


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