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Commuter Watch Party Memorial Day

Like many of our Philly Phaithfuls, Dave P commutes to work on the Regional Rails. And like many commuters, he’s streaming as much as he can, so he’s decided to help out Philadelphia and get you to work watching what you need to! Enjoy the Commuter Watch Party!

Regional Rail Recap

With a 15+ hour total listen time, I did not finish The Fifth Season, so I’m unable to fully rate the audiobook. However, I’m enjoying the characters and plot thus far; I understand why it won the Hugo Award.

Monday was Memorial Day, so in honor of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, I am suggesting the Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks produced miniseries Band of Brothers.


Band of Brothers (HBO)

When it first aired on HBO, I never saw the miniseries, but during the mid-2000’s I purchased the Blu-ray box-set on a whim. This was a top 5 purchase in my lifetime, and is a “Must Watch” every Memorial Day.

So Ross isn’t the Main Character?

Outside of Hanks and Spielberg, David Schwimmer was the only name I recognized, so I assumed he was the main character. Of course I was wrong. This was an ensemble cast and “Easy” Company was the true protagonist:

  • Captain Dick Winters (Damian Lewis before Homeland Billions) works tirelessly to lead his men after a botched D-Day Landing.
  • Lieutenant Lipton (Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB) struggles with being an NCO.
  • Captain Nixon (Ron Livingston of Swingers fame) brings levity to every situation. 
  • “Wild Bill” Guarnere and Joe Toye (Frank John Hughes and Kirk Acevedo) do their best to maintain a lasting friendship.

The main assault at Normandy was depicted in episode 2 (Day of Days), but instead of “Storming the Beach,” we see how the Allies were airdropped into enemy lines and capture strategic enemy encampments.

After D-Day, a great Second Act

The series could have ended at Normandy, but “Easy” Company wasn’t done. We follow their journey at the Battle of Carentan (episode 3) and even how some replacements fair (episode 4). Then, at the Battle of the Bulge (episodes 5, 6, and 7), Band of Brothers transitions from “Saving Private Ryan the TV Show” into its own.

“Easy” Company endures heavy artillery, cold weather, and tremendous loss to stave off the Germans. And as episode 8 depicts, the war wasn’t over – the loss of humanity depicted after Bastogne is a highlight in the series.

A fitting end, Happy V-E day

The final two episodes bring the war in Europe to an end. We see “Easy” Company making it to the Eagle’s Nest, fighting alcoholism, and seeing if they had enough points to leave the war.

Overall, I knew how this was going to end, but the storytelling portrayed in Band of Brothers, made me appreciate the toll this war had on our veterans.

Sometimes war can be funny
Stream if…

You have access to the series – don’t skip out on this. If there are similar series that depict our nation’s heroes, let us know @CultureTPL

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