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A Pod Has No Name: Pod’s Magical Vocals Steal Episode 2

A Pod Has No Name is back with another reaction pod. Episode two of season 8: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms was another slow-paced episode, but left us off with the Battle of Winterfell on the cusp of starting. Listen to Shane, Chris, Dan, and Dave: 

  • Recap the episode
  • Predict how the battle will go down next week
  • Re-live all the deaths… who dies during the battle! 
  • Power rankings update 
  • And more! 

Shane Sullivan

Recently graduated from the establishment formerly known as Philadelphia University. Diehard Philadelphia sports fan who was regrettably pessimistic about Nick Foles (I'm sorry, Nick) and was thankfully optimistic about The Process (thank you, Sam Hinkie). Movie lover, book nerd, and horror game enthusiast. I would've eventually won on the show WipeOut if it didn't get cancelled.

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