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Game of Thrones Season 8 Survivor Draft Recap: Trust The Faceless

It started as an idea – “Hey what if PFO-Culture had a Fantasy Draft for Season 8? We could use WhatsApp to do it! It will be great!!” It lasted for 6 days and a lot of F bombs were thrown. So leading up to Episode 1, we will introduce each of our team’s picks and how they plan to Survive Season 8 to bring their House all the glory.

Team Trust The Faceless (@mrcrockpot)

Draft Recap

Round 1 (Pick #3): Arya Stark

Round 2 (Pick #26): Jaqen H’Ghar

Round 3 (Pick #31): Yara Greyjoy

Round 4 (Pick #57): Baby Samwell Tarly

Hey Chris, why were these characters picked, who could dethrone them, and how are they defending themselves?

Arya Stark

Let’s get to the point. I don’t expect Arya to be sitting on the throne when the credits roll. In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die, and I’m all about winning. In our league, if your character kills another main character, you steal their points.

Arya was such an easy decision here and by far best pick of the draft. Why? She’s got a list and she’s checking it twice. Who is on Arya’s list? Walder Frey. Of course, we all know what happened there. Cersei, The Mountain, The Hound, Melisandre, Beric, Thoros, and Ilyn are all on high alert. I envision Arya listening to Electric Light Orchestra and putting on lipstick just like Steven Buscemi from Billy Madison in between seasons 7 and 8. These characters are as good as dead.

Imagine this scene: Jaime Lannister shocks everyone after stabbing Cersei Lannister in the back during episode 6. It’s then revealed that Arya has been wearing Jaime’s face this entire time. Well guess what that means: DOUBLE KILL! How about this? Just as The Hound appears to be on the ropes in a major battle, we see Arya come out of nowhere to cut off the head of Zombie Mountain. KILLSTREAK!

Arya is a survivor. She’s also getting her revenge. She’s merciless and the best bet to not only get to episode 8, but to also make several major kills throughout the season. I fully expect Arya to be Sansa’s right hand (wo)man at the end of the season. This competition is over. Just give Arya and Team Faceless the trophy. We are easily the team to beat this April.

Jaqen H’Ghar

I’m doubling down on the Faceless Men. I took Arya with my first pick and couldn’t resist to take the dude from Braavos. The Night King and the army of dead are ready and willing to attack Winterfell. Guess who is the biggest wild card to take down The Night King? Look no further than Jaqen H’Ghar.

There is also a rumor that Rhaegar Targaryen is returning for season eight. This could easily turn out to be Jaqen H’Ghar. Most importantly, Jaqen and the Faceless Men have been used to further Arya Stark’s storyline. In a recent interview about Jaqen’s motivation in Game of Thrones, Tom Wlashiha (aka Jaqen H’Ghar) said, “It’s all part of a bigger plan.” I have no doubt that we’ll finally find out the MO of the Faceless Men, and we know Tom has been spotted on multiple sets of season eight.

We all know major parts of season one will have a huge impact on the results of season eight. In fact, my favorite theory happens to be the reveal that Jaqen H’Ghar is actually Arya’s old trainer, Syrio Forel. I just recently re-watched season one of Game of Thrones, and this reveal would be a definite crowd pleaser. We never actually saw the master swordsman die. Are we destined for one last dance?

Yara Greyjoy

This is the biggest boom or bust pick in the draft. I’m very nervous that Yara doesn’t make it past episode one. There is a strong chance that Euron gets the best of her. However, this pick could reap incredible rewards if Theon is successfully able to rescue her. I’m not crazy. I know it’s a long shot for Yara to take her place as Queen of the Iron Islands. Even so, Yara is fierce, resolute, and strong.

I’m banking on Theon’s redemption story here to rescue Yara. Theon has been through the ringer the last few seasons. He even Reek’d when Yara was getting captured. We haven’t seen Yara in any of the teasers or trailers for season eight. Yara actress Gemma Whelan has already confirmed on social media that she will in fact be involved in season eight.

Yara could be a major force if and once she gets freed. She’ll quickly join Jon and Dany in the Great War against the White Walkers. Basically, Yara is a just Queen that has serious potential to be one of the remaining major figures in Westeros. One thing is for sure, Yara escaping and later killing Euron would easily be one of the more satisfying death scenes in Game of Thrones history.

Baby Samwell Tarly

Lastly, with the majority of characters taken, I took the sure thing. White Walkers don’t kill innocents, right? I’m hoping Baby Sam will at least get me +800 points on the scorecard. Nothing more, nothing less.

How will these characters work together to win the league?

I have the ULTIMATE squad of strong women and a Faceless Man who have serious potential to kill at least several of the major players in season eight. I’m not banking on Arya or Jaqen taking down hundreds of White Walkers. Rather, I’m a Hinkie-ite, and I always have the longest view of the room. I fully expect 2-3 major kills by Arya and Jaqen that give me the greatest comeback story of the year. Finally, Yara is my true wild card. If Yara escapes Euron, then the rest of this competition should be a cake walk for Team Faceless.

Trust the Faceless.


"Some would have us go out and buy apples. But we want to build the whole orchard, and you don't get to the moon by climbing a tree."
-Sam Hinkie

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