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GoT Season 8 Theory: What Lies Down in the Crypts

The Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer dropped this week to everyone’s delight. If you’re like me, you are VERY CONCERNED about Arya running through what appears to be the Winterfell castle with blood on her face. This scene, accompanied by another one, gave me some thoughts. So with that being said, shall we have a little fun with some theory building?

A Note on Theories

Theories are meant to be fun! There is very high likelihood that what I am about to propose is wrong due to working with only a minute or so of screen time. I will be taking a lot of liberties with guessing and assuming certain things. We here at PFO Culture would love to hear from you on what your theories are also. So please tweet at us and let us know what you think!

Arya Running From…Something

The trailer starts with a shot of Arya. She has blood and mud on her face, implying that she has been in a battle. Now I don’t know for certain that these shots are from the Battle of Winterfell, but I believe what we’re seeing is Arya running from something or someone in the Winterfell castle. The fact that she already has the marks of battle tells me that she’s either been in the battle outside and has gone into the castle or she’s been fighting inside of it.

Varys and Those Unfit to Fight Hiding in the Crypts

The crypts underneath Winterfell have been shown before. One clue that tells us these are the crypts is the statues of the old Lords of Winterfell. We also know that the Lords of Winterfell and their families are buried down there. Keep this in mind.

The Night King and His Powers

The Night King obviously has power over the dead. We can see this from the reanimated skeletons, or wights, that he brings back to fight for him. What were not sure exactly is where these powers come from. Both the show and books have introduced us to wargs before. For those that are a little cloudy on the subject, here’s a summary. Wargs have the ability to channel themselves into other living beings and control them, as Bran has done before with his direwolf and Hodor. I believe that The Night King is a warg as well, a very powerful one at that.

We know that he is very old and has had centuries to train and develop his powers. It’s possible that the reanimation of the dead is him simply warging into them and controlling them all at once. The Wall had some sort of magic embedded into it that only allowed his powers to work north of it. Now that the Wall has fallen however, his powers could be fair game south of it as well.

The Theory

Whether The Night King is a warg or not, he has the ability to raise the dead. We know that there are dead buried in the Winterfell crypts. This is very bad news for Varys and the others that are hiding down there. If The Night King were to reanimate the dead down there, all of those in hiding would be left to fend against the zombie-like creatures in the dark creepy crypts. I think that this is what Arya is running from. From the crypts, the undead will be able to get into the castle. If at any point Arya is sent into the castle to check on them, she will find them scrambling toward her.

What This Could Mean for Season 8

The Battle of Winterfell will likely be the first large scale fight against the dead and their armies. It’s just as likely that the living will lose this battle and Winterfell will fall. This will force those that survive to retreat south…into the clutches of Cersei and King’s Landing.

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