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First of all, a huge THANK YOU for visiting PFO-Culture! We may be new, but we are huge Game of Thrones fans and finally have a platform to express our love for everything GoT. Here we will discuss topics such as theories, favorite characters, and predictions. As the final 6 episodes loom, we cannot be more excited to bring you the best Game of Thrones coverage now and throughout the season. In the first edition of Game of Thrones Roundtable, PFO-Culture writers discuss their favorite moments from the past seven seasons. 

WARNING: As this is an appreciation for Game of Thrones, most videos on this post contain graphic material and are intended for mature audiences.

Erica, @TheEricaB

The Massacre AT Hardhome

Hard Home is easily one of my favorite scenes/episodes and shows how unpredictable the show can be. Lots of new characters are introduced in a way that makes them seem like they’ll be heavy hitters, only to be killed off immediately. This is also when we get introduced to Wun Wun and find out that Valyrian steel can kill white walkers, both very important parts of the story.

Cersei Blows Up King’s Landing

Cersei blows up the Sept and Tommen leaps to his death. I sat with my mouth wide open for this entire sequence because not only was it impeccably scored, but it was a beautiful series of imagery that ended in a lot of death. Like wow, do less, Cersei. I love the dichotomy of Cersei doing whatever it takes to protect her children and it resulting in her last child’s death. But boo at Margaery dying. She ruled.

Sansa Finally Joins Game of Thrones

It’s a small moment, but I love when Sansa decides to play the game and lie for Littlefinger after Lady Arryn’s death. Sansa has one of the best character arcs, and I think this solidified her as a major player moving forward in the series. And now that my former favorite character is dead (RIP Margaery), I’m rooting for Sansa to make it to the end. Although now watch, just because I said that, she’ll be one of the first deaths. Sorry in advance.

Eric, @TheEMart

The Golden Crown

“The Golden Crown” in Season 1. This is when I became alllll the way in on this show. Viserys needed to go and boy oh boy did he go. Shout out to Khal Drogo who was a great leader, but also didn’t learn from his time spent playing Oregon Trail in 2nd grade and died of dysentery.

The Fate of Daxos

When Dany locked that rich guy in his empty vault (insert Chappelle as Rick James gif “That was colllldd blooodedd”). Not only was it a great end to the time spent in Qarth, but an underrated brutally funny moment in the show. Also congrats to George R.R. Martin for creating a location that starts with “Q” and isn’t followed by “u”. This is the sort of writing you can’t get anywhere else, folks!

The Battle of Blackwater Bay

Bronn shooting the arrow to ignite Blackwater Bay is my 3rd moment. Bronn is routinely the best character on this show – he makes great jokes and comes up big when it matters again and again and again. All screen time devoted to Theon should be just redirected to Bronn. Hell, even the Dany/Jon main story pales in comparison to this man. Seriously, what’s more fun – playing detective on Ancient with bad-decision-making lady and way-too-serious man or fighting fools and cracking jokes? No contest, in my opinion. Bronn is the true hero of Game of Thrones.

Dave, @davepfendt

Never Forget Who You Are

“Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.” Besides “The things I do for love,” this is the only other line in the first book/season that matters. However, it’s this line that every child, teenager, adult, etc. needs to remember, especially in this world of divisiveness. So what if you’re different – be different and be proud of it. Remember, Tyrion drinks and knows things.

Loot Train Attack

“Loot train attack, and the subsequent Tarly deaths”…this was when I turned on Dany and realized she won’t win the throne; i.e. too much of her lesser brother and not enough of her wiser brother. However, that’s why this scene is part of my favorite moments. I can still get surprised at how the character’s actions make me feel – even after all these years. Was Bronn going to die? Was Jamie thinking he was going to kill a dragon, with 1 hand? Dickon? All great moments in a few hours.

Hold the Door

“The Door”…No, I wasn’t happy we lost the Hodor and Summer, but it was my favorite episode of that season. The entire mythos of why Old Nan’s great-grandson said “Hodor” all the time, was attributed to him being simple minded…GRRM pulled a fast one, and “Walder” was actually on his own Hero journey. Walder could see his future, knew what it was for, and he never stopped to do something else. RIP Hodor – we love you “Big Man.”

Chris, @mrcrockpot

Arya is For Real

One of my favorite Game of Thrones moments was watching Arya spar with Brienne like it’s child’s play, followed immediately by Sansa’s “What the F*&% face” and Littlefinger’s “I’m so dead” face during Season 7. This was an emotional culmination for me as Arya is personally my favorite character. In this scene, Arya has come full circle when she returns to Winterfell and bests one of the best fighters in Westeros.

Tyrion’s Confession

This trial was both tragic and inspiring. As much as I love an epic battle or fight scene, it’s the little moments that I enjoy the most with Game of Thrones. Peter Dinklage puts all of his acting chops into one 10-minute scene during season 4, and boy does it get my blood boiling. His confession towards his father was extremely emotional for me. The scene proves that while Tyrion may be small, he easily commands the most respect out of any Lannister in Westeros.

Jon Snow Survives (again?!)

Again, another small moment, but it was just so gripping to watch and it still gives me chills. Uncle Benjen allows Jon Snow to escape and return to Castle Black. Daenery’s face when Jon Snow escapes death from the White Walkers was just so incredibly epic. Her realization that he survived was just everything.

Dan, @dansaysthat

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

In a show where “The night is dark and full of terrors,” I think it’s important to appreciate small victories and brief moments of joy. Thus, my favorite moment so far is Podrick Payne treating the “ladies” of Littlefinger’s King’s Landing establishment to such an experience that they wouldn’t even take his money. The ensuing reaction by Tyrion and Bronn pouring him wine and needing the details was such a “bro” moment in a show with so few.

The Fate of Ned Stark

The execution of Ned Stark: This is an obvious choice, but for a show that has run this long and has had so many shocking twists and turns, we can often forget how important this moment was. First season, the clear protagonist, the fan favorite, the only person who seems to be lawfully good, and BAM! *extremely Michael Scott voice* “His capa was detated from his head.” This was the moment you realized this wasn’t going to be every other show, that no one was safe, and also that this wasn’t going to be the last hero to die. To that point, the tone for the show had not truly been set. With one fell swoop, we knew we were in for a wild ride.

Leave One Wolf Alive and the Sheep Are Never Safe

Arya’s mass slaughtering of the Freys, including a Cartman/Scott Tenorman dynamic in feeding Walder Frey his family via a “Frey Pie,” is another moment of joy in an otherwise dark realm. This is one of the few cold opens used by Game of Thrones, and it was executed (pun intended) to perfection. We got a rare moment of blissful revenge, and also a true demonstration of Arya’s powers to come. This also, thankfully, put an end to two enormous potential rumors/pieces of speculation regarding whether we would see Lady Stoneheart in the show and also if Arya was actually just The Waif using Arya’s face. I have enough insane theories and rabbit holes to dive down, so checking a few off the list is a welcomed endeavor.

Brandon, @apter23

The Fate of Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay Bolton finally getting defeated and eaten by dogs. After the long journey of him tormenting Sansa, Jon Snow beating the crap out of him in Winterfell couldn’t have felt sweeter. Ramsay served as such an amazing villain, and it was awesome to see him go.

The Fate of Littlefinger

Littlefinger being confused as hell when being accused of crime by Sansa before getting his throat slit. It was surprising it took so long for someone to kill Lord Baylesh, but man what a perfect ending. Getting his throat slit by the knife that started the war between the Lannisters and Starks.

The Fate of Joffrey

When Joffrey Baratheon got what he deserved — poisoned at the Purple Wedding. It’s always satisfying when terrible people perish…especially on television. You lost hope for Joffrey in Season One and had to deal with him through Season 4. The fact that it was a Tyrell that poisoned him made it better. I wouldn’t want sexy ol’ Margerie to have to marry that.

Steve, @FanSince09

Bran’s Fall

Bran Stark gets pushed out the window. Coming in, I had no idea what this show was or what it was going to be. I hadn’t read the books or heard much about them, so my initial thought was “a fantasy version of the Sopranos” when I saw the trailer, but the minute Jamie Lannister pushed Bran, I was totally in for whatever happened next. Just an incredible way to set the tone for what was to come.

The Golden Crown

I assumed that Viserys would be the big bad of the series, and this blew my mind. Not only did it totally change the rules and dynamic of the show, it did so in a shockingly brutal way. This was the first instance where I texted just about everyone on my phone to say, “HE JUST MELTED DUDE’S HEAD.”

The Night King Flexes

This was one of the more shocking moments in TV history. We just saw an amazing battle with our hero barely making it out alive only for the Night’s King to raise his arms and show that it all meant absolutely nothing. For all of the human intrigue and violence, the real battle was between the living and the dead, and the dead just showed they were invincible – the battle for the iron throne was ultimately meaningless compared to what was coming.


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