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So you’re saying there’s a chance? Which longshots can end up on the Iron Throne?

The final season of Game Of Thrones is upon us, and the speculation as to who will finish the series on the Iron Throne has reached a whole new level. From survivor drafts (check out the full recap of every team here) to trailer breakdowns to podcasts, the hype for season 8 is at a whole nother level. Vegas and offshore accounts are getting into the action as well. Oddshark has been updating the odds for who will end up on the Iron Throne since February. Here is where the odds currently sit as of April 5th.




Bran Stark


Jon Snow


Sansa Stark


Daenerys Targaryen




Petyr Baelish


The Night King


Tyrion Lannister


Jon and Daenerys’ Child


Arya Stark


Samwell Tarly


Cersei Lannister


Jaime Lannister








Euron Greyjoy


Brienne of Tarth


Jaqun H’ghar


Jorah Mormont




Daario Naharis


Beric Dondarrion


The Hound




Theon Greyjoy


Yara Greyjoy


Tormund Giantsbane


The Mountain



We know about the real contenders for the throne, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Bran, Gendry, and their odds reflect that. I’m coming in to give you the four best longshots who could maybe end up on the Iron Throne. I’m considering a longshot as +2000 or greater. If any of these hit I’ll expect 15% of your winnings venmo’d (@Christopher-Antkowiak) to me within a fortnight.

Character: Samwell Tarly

Odds: +2000

Where we last saw Sam: Sam dropped out of Maister school (I’d say only after about one semester) and headed back to Winterfell where people GET HIS VIEWS MAN, not like the BS at the Citadel, MAN. Upon his return to Winterfell he informs Bran “I have a minor in Philosophy” Stark of Jon Snow’s true identity. (Which apparently Bran, who is like an actual know-it-all didn’t know.)

What has to happen: The more I think about it, the more I could see Sam on the throne. Sam is the Westeros version of GRRM (George’s words, not mine). What better way for showrunners Benioff and Weiss to champion the creator of this universe than to leave its creator on the Iron Throne?

As for what script gymnastics would have to happen on the show, Dany would have to get taken out. No way she is giving up the throne to an overweight wanna-be maister. Now if Jon Snow is still standing after the wars are over, Tarly’s odds go up significantly. First off, if Jon and Dany’s forces are to beat they Army of the Dead, they will undoubtedly be using some information that Sam gives to them via the books he stole from the Citadel. On top of that, would Jon even want to be King after all of this?Would he want to rule after (hypothetically) losing the love of his life? I could see Jon, Sam’s best friend mind you, giving up the throne in a dramatic and cringey “i’M nOT a RuLEr, i’M a WaRRiOr” scene. From there, King Samwell Tarly rules as an Athenian wet dream, the Philosopher King.

Would I be happy with this outcome: I would hate if the show ended this way. Sure, it would be a great homage to GRRM, but can’t we just give him a cameo in the final episode and not his allegory the Seven Kingdoms? I understand Sam serves a very underrated role in the grand scheme of the show, but man a ton of “Sam & Gilly have sexual tension” scenes are AUTOMATIC fast forwards when rewatching. On top of that, imagine the insufferable “Brains > Brawn” pieces and podcasts you’d have to listen to at the conclusion of the series. Hard pass on this.  

Character: Jaime Lannister

Odds: +4000

Where we last saw Jaime: The Kingslayer had a dramatic break-up with Cersei, who is carrying his unborn child (more on that in a moment). After finding out that Cersei will not be supporting the coalition in the north but is rather bolstering the Lannister Army with the purchase of the Golden Company (more on them too), Jamie abandons Cersei in Kings Landing and rides north.

What has to happen: To get on the Iron Throne, Jaime pretty much has to go Kingslayer 2.0. Before we get to that point, we need a few things to happen.

     1. The army of the dead needs to be vanquished with Jaime’s help

  1. Cersei needs to get killed but still have Jaime’s child. Whether it is in childbirth, by an enemy, or sorocide by the hand of Jaime himself, it doesn’t really matter how she dies as long as the kid makes it out okay.
  2. Bran not take the throne – you can’t stab someone in the back if they are constantly in a chair.

Okay with all that said, we now have Jon and Dany (and maybe Sansa) as the obvious winners for the Iron Throne. However, maybe Dany isn’t happy with a baby Lannister being around even after Jaime helped her win the war against the undead. Perhaps Varys, the last schemer left, gets into Jaime’s ear about Dany becoming more and more mad. You can just picture Varys whispering, “She’s worse than her father at this age.” Jaime could then believe that in order to protect his child, he needs to stage another Targaryen (Jon included) coup. Jaime uses his sister’s Golden Company to pull this off and is named ruler of the realm until his child is of age to rule.

Would I be happy with this outcome: This outcome would be unexpected, controversial and will now become my go-to “how do you want the show to end” answer. Could you imagine ending the show on one last bloody twist? Perhaps even Sansa survives all of this and declares war on the Lannisters as the finale fades to black. Now I’m getting excited for a Wire-esque montage over Westeros leading up to that moment. Different people in charge but the same crap everyday, the wheel unbroken. This is the finale I NEED.

Character: Melisandre

Odds: +10000

Where we last saw the Red Woman: Exchanging  passive-aggressive pleasantries with Varys atop Dragonstone. Her role in season 7 was basically facilitating a meeting (or playing cupid) between Jon Snow and Daenerys at Dany’s new base of operations in Dragonstone. Upon Jon Snow and his funky bunch’s arrival, she hid atop the peak of the island. There she tells Varys she will be heading to Volantis. When The Spider quasi-threatens her not to return, she states that she will return to Westeros, for like Varys, she is to die there.

What has to happen: There isn’t really a “how” Melisandre ascends to the throne, it’s more of a “she has superpowers” and has the ability to get on the Iron Throne if she really wants to.

A quick recap:

+The anti-aging crystal in her necklace puts Sedona crystal shops to shame. The Red Witch is approximately 400 years old.

+She (and other followers of the Lord Of Light) can raise the dead.

+The original reddit theory truther, she knows how this all ends.

+If she gets some lovin from a royal she can produce a murdering shadow thing.

Her odds speak for themselves. She isn’t going to end up on the Iron Throne. She does, however, have a lot more tools in the toolbox than other longshots.

Would I be happy with this outcome: I mean some CRAZY ish would have to happen for the Red Woman to be sitting on the Iron Throne (Maybe she dies once she sits on it as Queen?). But c’mon, she is way too much of fringe character to be the winner of the Game of Thrones.

Character: Jaqen H’Ghar

Odds: +10000

Where we last saw Jaqen: We did not see the leader of the faceless men in Season 7 (at least we weren’t aware of it). Our last meeting with the man who refers to himself as “no one” was in Season 6 at the House of Black and White in Braavos. After Arya kills her rival the Waif (remember her? She sucked), Jaqen awards Arya with her ‘No One’ badge. However, Arya turns him down stating, “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.”

What has to happen: This one is pretty simple. We reach the climax and whoever you want it to be takes off their face, and BOOM, it’s Jaqen. The man has no name, the man has no face. There is an internet theory of Jaqen being several major characters. This a choose-your-own-adventure people, enjoy.

Would I be happy with this outcome: I would hate this ending; this has M. Night Shyamalan twist written all over it.



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