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SUIT UP Podcast #2

Brandon (DC guy, @bapter23), Chris (DC guy, @mrcrockpot), and Dave (Marvel guy, @dPfective) will be diving into the latest Comic Book Pop Culture topics.

The Roadmap to Endgame, Part 2

In our second pod, we will focus on Phase 3 of the MCU. Brandon first discusses his thoughts on Thor 1 & 2, Dave gets disappointed in Dr. Strange, and Chris does his best not to cry during Black Panther. We’ll talk through the other films and pass out some Jawnies along the way – good luck figuring out our formulas.

What’s On Tap

Next time, we will review Captain Marvel and speculate what Endgame will be like…again! So, turn up the volume on your Zune, fly straight through the Devil’s Anus, and get ready to Suit Up! Here is Part 2 of The Road to Endgame!


Dave Pfendt

Dave is a tireless worker for Evil Corp, but loves movies, TV, books and he can't be all bad, right?

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