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Surviving an MCU Marathon

Dave and Tom are here to help you get to the Endgame of a 22 movie MCU Marathon

About a week ago, AMC Theaters made an announcement:

At AMC Lincoln Square 13 (New York), AMC River East 21 (Illinois), and AMC Metreon 16 (California), fans will have the opportunity to experience a 22-title Marvel movie marathon unlike any other. Starting Tuesday, April 23, see 22 films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe all leading up to MARVEL STUDIOS AVENGERS: ENDGAME. This premium event will include, marathon only collectibles, and a special concession offer. Plus, AVENGERS: ENDGAME will start at 5pm local time, one hour earlier than regular public showtimes.

Now, this isn’t your typical Netflix binge. The MCU Marathon clocks in at 59 hours with limited breaks (Pre-Med students during Finals Week have it easier). If you have the opportunity to spend 3 days in a movie theater, or you’ve decided to do it at home, PFO-Culture has built the ultimate survival guide.

Let’s begin with your phones

People can survive a few days without sleep, water, and food, but missing a Tweet or Instastory? You’ll literally die. But, we also want you to be courteous to the other movie goers, so it is in everyone’s best interest if you’re not on your phone during the entire marathon. Our suggestion – Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, and 2 extra portable chargers.

We recognize some phones can go two whole days on a single charge, but most of us get about 12 hours. With airplane mode on during a movie, and Wi-Fi on during the breaks, you can easily stretch a single charge into 19 or 20 hours. Once you incorporate your two portable chargers, you’ll be at 60 hours, plenty of juice left when Endgame’s credits roll.


There will be some time built in for short rests, but you will need to catch some additional Z’s through some of the weaker films. On the first night, the final movies, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, will be your life-line. Put in your ear plugs, put on your fuzzy eye mask, and get some sleep on the first night. The second day is full of Phase 3 movies, and if you listen to Suit Up you know the next 10+ films are “Can’t Miss.”

You will have a 4.5 hour break the second night, but otherwise there are not many opportunities left to sleep. Get that snooze in early, supplement with caffeine later, and ride that two day wave.

Caloric Intake

One of the more challenging endeavors will be maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, while only consuming traditional movie fare. We think you should entirely ignore caloric intake as a metric here; it’s a losing battle regardless of which food you choose. You can lean on popcorn and nachos to bridge the gap between meals, but you should focus on getting key nutrients around typical meal times. 

One of the key items you can have for breakfast is the chicken and waffles basket. While surely not healthy, it does offer 25 grams of protein and 11 grams of dietary fiber which will keep you feeling energized and keep those pipes moving throughout the weekend. For dinner, we can look at a spicy chicken sandwich, which is baked not fried, to pick up some quality calories with good flavors. You’ll also get another 24 grams of protein.

The one thing that we noticed when analyzing the menu is the outrageous amount of sodium involved with all of these offerings. To counterbalance this influx of salt, drink plenty of water. We suggest one 24 ounce bottle of water per movie, and using those breaks in between to relieve yourself. With that much water, you won’t miss major movie moments and you will feel refreshed and energized.

Yoga / Stretching / Exercise

While sitting in a leather recliner for 59 hours straight sounds quite enjoyable, it is not something PFO recommends. Take advantage of the time in between movies, 20-30 mins on average, to stretch those legs and move your body. Use the time to walk around the block, bust out some pushups and situps in the aisle, or use the lobby for some intense stretching. These exercises will not only make you feel better about yourself (think of all the junk food mentioned earlier), but your mind will be energized and refreshed too.

You need to prioritize staying sharp throughout this marathon. This is a rare opportunity to not only stretch your muscles, but also stretch your MCU knowledge. A sharp mind will allow you to identify foreshadowing and easter eggs throughout the movies.

Here’s how your Calorie Intake vs Calorie Burn should look throughout your journey. You will definitely pack on a few pounds, but you’ll have the energy to get to Endgame.

We told you Calorie Intake is an issue…


There are 2 routes you can take:

  • Comfort: Sweatpants and a Hoodie
  • Practicality: Cargo Shorts and also a Hoodie

The problem with going the comfy route – you risk not having the storage capacity. The problem with going the practical route – you risk getting too cold in a theater. It’s a tight balance so we suggest buying the perfect combination: Cargo Sweatpants!

Lastly, and we can’t believe this needs to be mentioned, wear your underoos…

Don’t dress up as Iron Man either

In Summary

We don’t recommend you go into this marathon without proper training – charge your phones, wear the right clothing, and don’t live on junk food.

Whatever It Takes

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