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Top 10 Super Bowl Commerials

Watching Super Bowl commercials is an American tradition. Here is a list of my top 10 Super Bowl commercials this year.

#10 Doritos & Backstreet Boys

As a big fan of The Backstreet Boys and 90’s nostalgia, this one hit all the right notes. Remixing “I Want It That Way” as a way to bring back an original was genius. Great job, Doritos.

#9 Harrison Ford vs Alexa

Harrison Ford chasing his dog with an Alexa dog collar was everything.

#8- Chunky Style Milk

This one brought back memories of the great Geico commercials. Mint Mobile went for shock humor, and it worked. I completely lost it during this commercial while my wife was gagging on her Super Bowl meal. Bravo, Mint Mobile.

#7- Hyundai Elevator

You can tell a lot of production went into this commercial for Hyundai. Vegan Dinner Party and the bit about beetloaf was my favorite moment.

#6- ‘Hey Google’

Google went for the heart strings this year, and this commercial was extremely effective. It sold the Google Translator, and it worked. My wife and I were dead silent throughout the majority of this commercial, which was no doubt Google’s intent.

#5- Microsoft Wins Our Hearts

This was personally my favorite commercial of Super Bowl season. Microsoft ran a commercial on special needs, and there wasn’t a dry eye in our building. Phenomenal work, Microsoft!

#4- The Dude & Carrie Return

The Dude and Carrie Bradshaw make their return with some atypical beverage choices.

#3- Pepsi is Better Than Ok

Steve Carrell nails this commercial for Pepsi. My first thought: I can’t wait to see the gag reel.

#2- NFL 100th Anniversary

The NFL selling their own product – meh. Seeing all of your favorite players together in one commercial – genius. Unfortunately, there were no Eagles players during this commercial. However, it doesn’t take away its effectiveness. Great job, NFL.

#1- Game of Thrones Slays the Bud Knight

The best Super Bowl commercial has to go to The Mountain slaying the Bud Knight. The actual Super Bowl game was horrendous, and this was the biggest “get off your couch and celebrate” moment of the night. Too good!

What was your favorite?

Did your favorite Super Bowl commercial not make the list? What was your favorite? Let us know!


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