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Sights and Sounds from Eagles Open Practice

Like most Eagles festivities, the Birds open practice this past weekend began with consuming a few beverages and a Wawa sizzli (pork roll, egg, and cheese, for those who were wondering). I arrived at K lot around 8:30AM, and people were already piling into the Linc to get a good vantage point of the 10:00AM practice. I found seats right on the 40-yard line. With an early dose of Chickies crab fries in hand, I was ready to watch the Eagles get their practice on with 35,000 others.


The Eagles fans in the stadium were riled up from start to finish. Jason Peters, Carson Wentz, Malcolm Jenkins, Jalen Mills, and multiple others running onto the field elicited a standing ovation from the crowd. Chants of “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!” rang throughout the stadium section by section, although in a less organized fashion than the ones seen in videos taken at the first open practice. The coolest sight that day was the most well executed wave I’ve ever seen live. Typically, you’re lucky if the wave goes around the stadium once, maybe twice, but the Eagles fans at this open practice did it consecutively six times. Perhaps I haven’t seen enough waves, but this was highly impressive to me.


Football related things happened at this practice also. Mike Wallace was a standout and even played off the crowd’s energy. The first play involving him that stood out was a 30ish yard pass down the middle where he left two defenders behind him. Nick Foles dropped the ball right into his arms as Wallace caught it falling to the ground. Immediately after standing up he walked toward the crowd past the end zone with his arms extended in a way that would make Maximus Decimus Meridius proud. Later on in 11-on-11’s, Wallace caught a pass on around the 8-yard line and cut inside quickly for what would have been a touchdown. Darren Sproles was another player who caught my eye. While not doing anything too ridiculous, the running back’s burst and explosiveness once he had the ball in his hands was striking. Even after coming off of a torn ACL, it would appear as if he hasn’t lost a step at all.

Quarterback Carson Wentz didn’t throw as much as his counterparts, but he looked spry and healthy moving around when he did. Nick Foles was impressive in various drills and showed no negative side effects of the muscle spasms that cost him the first preseason game. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see a series or two from Nick against New England this upcoming Thursday.

It seems that I missed the most dramatic part of practice, and everyone in the rows close to me must have also because no one even mentioned it. Rookie tight end Dallas Goedert was apparently injured and tended to on the field by the training staff. Rumors were all over the place afterward with fans spreading news of a broken arm and Goedert being seen in a cast (I missed these rumors as well, saving me the stressful part of that afternoon). Thankfully, these were proven to be bogus, and the tight end has since returned to practice.

The Eagles ended open practice with the quarterbacks alternating in 7-on-7’s at the 10-yard line. Zach Ertz was able to reel in a touchdown in these drills, but for the most part, it seemed as if the secondary won these battles. That wrapped things up at the Linc, and as I walked out, it became increasingly noticeable how many kids were in attendance. A lot of them were likely getting their first real life glimpse of the guys in green they watch on TV every Sunday, and I couldn’t help but think how cool of an experience it must have been for them. Here’s to hoping that open practices at the Linc is a tradition that lives long and well.

Shane Sullivan

Recently graduated from the establishment formerly known as Philadelphia University. Diehard Philadelphia sports fan who was regrettably pessimistic about Nick Foles (I'm sorry, Nick) and was thankfully optimistic about The Process (thank you, Sam Hinkie). Movie lover, book nerd, and horror game enthusiast. I would've eventually won on the show WipeOut if it didn't get cancelled.

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