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Bryce Harper is Recruiting Le’Veon Bell

Bryce Harper has been a Phillie for barely a day and he’s already recruiting for the city of Brotherly Love. Le’Veon Bell posted this on his Instagram story today.

Now let’s take this one step at a time. The first question you’re probably asking yourself is “Is this real?” Well, that is definitely Harper’s Instagram handle. So unless Le’Veon doctored this photo, which would be somewhat odd, this appears to be a real life actual DM between the two athletes. Now let’s dive into the actual message.

“Aye come join!”

Bryce is right to the point. No dancing around his motives here, he wants Bell in Eagles green come next season. Either that or he wants him to sign with the Phillies, which honestly would be equally as awesome. Throw Bell in center field and with his speed he’d be a Gold Glove candidate off the jump. Let’s move on to the next part though.

“Bring as many titles as we can to the greatest city in the world. Brotherly Love.”

DEFCON LEVEL 579 PEOPLE. Bryce Harper is not only recruiting other athletes, but he’s also confirming what most of us have thought for most of our lives. Philadelphia is, in fact, the undisputed greatest city in the world, and unlike Steelers nation, we will support you with Brotherly Love.


If Le’Veon would like a bag secured, Bryce Harper is the man to talk to. He just secured multiple bags. I don’t know how many bags it takes to hold $330 million, but I’d bet it’s an awful lot of bags. Obviously, Howie Roseman and the Eagles would have to pull off some wizardry to get Bell on the roster, but if there is mutual interest I’d be willing to bet that Howie is going over scenarios where he could sign him at this very moment.

Grading Harper’s Pitch


Harper covered all of the bases in this DM. He lets Le’Veon know that we want him, and he lets him know that this is greatest city in the world that’s hungry for championships. We can officially say that Bryce Harper is #OneofUs. Is Le’Veon Bell next?

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