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EFO Roundtable: Foles Goes to Free Agency

Nick Foles has become an unrestricted FA. Do you believe this was the right or wrong decision? What would your “ideal scenario” have been? Now that he has become an UFA, do you believe the Eagles have a need at backup QB?

Shane Sullivan

Nick Foles will forever be cemented as a Philadelphia legend. He’s the guy who got it done. “It” being winning a Super Bowl as the QB of the Philadelphia Eagles. For that alone he deserved…more.

I firmly believe that Carson Wentz is the future of this Eagles team. He is only a year removed from being in my mind the MVP of the NFL and is only a year removed from being compared to the likes of Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. He is only a year removed from orchestrating one of the most electric offenses in the NFL. When it comes to people questioning his ability after one season of playing hurt, my only retort is this: How quickly they forget.

With all of that being said though, it’s hard to see Nick Foles’ exit as anything less than disappointing. As a fan, it’s difficult to see him leave. What makes it even harder, perhaps, is that I’m not sure if there was a “right” way to go about it. If I look at it without the lens of being a fan, I understand that Carson is the guy. Letting Foles go was the “right” thing to do, but it doesn’t feel good or give you the type of reassurance that moves like that usually do. Having two QBs that you think are capable of leading a team leaves you with a choice that is not easy. I don’t believe that there was an ideal scenario, but I do believe the team made the right decision.

When it comes to the backup QB, I’m not sure anyone can fill the void that Foles leaves. If Carson were to get hurt, there is no security blanket this time around, and the season would almost certainly be over. Sudfeld has potential, and him being successful in that role hinges on him making the reads and decisions that Doug and the offense wants. Him being in the system for a couple of seasons obviously gives him an advantage in that regard over a free agent you would bring in. I won’t say the backup position is a need because of that, but I’m by no means confident in any scenario where the backup is forced to play.

Eric Marturano

Nick Foles made my dreams come true and for that I’m forever grateful. The Eagles let him become an unrestricted free agent on Wednesday February 27, 2019, a little more than a year after he led them to their first ever Super Bowl win, as the Super Bowl MVP, and a few months after he dragged them back to another playoff run. I don’t believe letting Nick Foles walk was the right decision for a few reasons, which I’ll list briefly:

  • As I covered back when the regular season ended, Foles has made enough of a case that he was worthy of being considered “the future” of the Eagles, not merely a backup to Carson Wentz. Foles pushed that narrative even further in the postseason by winning a playoff game and nearly winning another. His success within the current Eagles offense could no longer be considered a fluke.
  • Moreover, the Eagles outside of the QB position are built to win-now. The core defense and skill positions that got them their first-ever Super Bowl win aren’t getting younger. This talented team was a few plays away from getting back to the NFC title game with Foles again this year after actually winning the Super Bowl with him the year before. In that light, the question becomes, “What’s your window?” Give me 3-4 years of the guy who did it (Foles) vs. 5-7 years of a guy who has had trouble staying healthy (Wentz). Throw in the fact that the offense was redesigned for Foles, and he seemed like a safer bet.
  • Setting aside my personal feelings about Nick Foles vs. Carson Wentz, the Eagles objectively screwed this up. Seemingly bent on trading Foles, the Eagles blew that strategy by tipping their hand too much this offseason and drawing criticism of violating the spirit of the Franchise Tag rule. I believe this is what led to them letting Foles walk full stop (vs. being tagged & traded, as was much of the speculation this offseason). Had the Eagles kept their mouths shut, maybe they’d get something worthwhile back vs. letting the former Super Bowl MVP walk.

My “ideal scenario” would have been to re-sign Nick Foles and trade Carson Wentz, whose extremely high trade value would inject plenty of talent into an already Super Bowl contending team, maxing out their window of contention for the next 3-4 years. To me, this was a better bet than hoping the oft-injured Wentz looked like the MVP of Sept’ 17 – Nov ’17 again. We’ll never know and, now that Foles is gone, I hope I’m dead wrong about this and Wentz goes on to become the greatest QB in NFL history.

Now that Nick Foles has become an unrestricted free agent, I believe the Eagles have a need at backup QB again. They needed Foles to finish out the season the last two years, and they’ll need someone serviceable in the event Carson Wentz gets injured again. The need isn’t dire, and there is no reason to break the bank for someone, as they’re clearly committed to and banking on the availability of Wentz. Perhaps Sudfeld can step in as a useful QB2. If not, they’ll need someone who can float a game or two if need be.

Finally, I want to say thank you to Nick Foles, from the bottom of my heart. Watching him win the Super Bowl MVP as an underdog was just about the most Philadelphia thing I could think of, and I wouldn’t have the Eagles’ first ever Super Bowl win (!) any other way. Being one of the only people who saw it coming was just a bonus. God bless Nick Foles, the first (and only) Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl MVP.

Chris @mrcrockpot

List of NFL Records from the Great Nick Foles

-Tied with 25 consecutive completions in a single game

-Tied for most touchdowns in a single game (7)

-The highest passer rating in NFL playoff history (113.2)

-Highest completion percentage in single playoff (72.6)

-Highest completion percentage in NFL Playoff history (71.9)

First and foremost, no, I am not one that would rather have Nick Foles over Carson Wentz. But when I think of Nick Foles… I think 3rd Down GOAT. Nick Foles is one of the most clutch quarterbacks of all time. Nick Foles has 10 fourth quarter comebacks and 12 game winning drives. That’s insane when you remember that he’s only played 54 games in his entire career.

As many have said, I cannot thank Nick Foles enough for all the many unbelievable memories as an Eagles fan. He’s a Philly Legend through and through, and I have no doubt that this won’t be the last time we see Nick Foles. I’m sure BDN will be back in Philly in some capacity whether it’s on radio or TV. Hey Nick, if you’d like a roast pork, it’s on me any time.

But can we get real now? Philly fans have this ridiculous infatuation for backup quarterbacks and treat Foles as if he’s a god. Sorry, he’s not better than Carson Wentz. Period. Letting Nick walk might not be the best business decision, but it’s what’s best for Nick. Nick deserves everything coming to him and then some. He deserves another chance to start for any team he chooses. I have zero hard feelings towards the Eagles or Nick Foles.

Now that Nicky Six is gone, I’m just glad that the ridiculous phone calls of wanting Foles over Wentz during Philly Sports talk radio is over. Nick Foles is the TJ McConnell of the Philadelphia Eagles. Nobody values Foles more than Eagles fans. The Eagles can finally move on and get back to actual football talk – Free Agency.

No need for a backup quarterback this offseason. The Birds should be fine going with Nate Sudfeld moving forward. The priorities are…

  1. Clear cap space
  2. Resign Hicks to a team friendly deal.
  3. Resign Jay Ajayi to a cheap, prove it deal as the 2nd/3rd RB
  4. Restructure Timmy Jernigan’s contract
  5. Draft a running back in the 2nd round
  6. Other draft needs – speed at WR, maybe an upgrade at DT

I wish nothing but the best for the Legend Nick Foles. I’ll always root for you, unless you’re playing against the Eagles in the playoffs. If so, then everything I wrote above can get thrown out the window (semi-serious).


I’m going to keep this short and sweet. By the year 2030, this will be looked at as the worst decision in franchise history. It will make Howie the punchline of many jokes. And I will never forgive him.

Shane Sullivan

Recently graduated from the establishment formerly known as Philadelphia University. Diehard Philadelphia sports fan who was regrettably pessimistic about Nick Foles (I'm sorry, Nick) and was thankfully optimistic about The Process (thank you, Sam Hinkie). Movie lover, book nerd, and horror game enthusiast. I would've eventually won on the show WipeOut if it didn't get cancelled.

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