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Eagles, DeSean Jackson Eyeing Return

Former Eagle DeSean Jackson and his current employer the Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem to be parting ways. Whether by trade or release, Jackson is unlikely to return to the Bucs next season. The source on the matter? Jackson himself.

This post suggests either a trade is in place or that one never materialized and he will be released. Jackson is set to make $10 million on the final year of his contract, but with no guaranteed money the Buccaneers could release him without penalty. Could a return to the Eagles be in the cards? Possibly. A DeSean Jackson-Eagles reunion has been rumored since his days in Washington. These recent rumors however seem to have some legs. The King Howard Eskin tweeted this today about a possible return to Philly for DeSean.

Jackson’s Fit

If DeSean does return, it will be a vastly different Eagles team than the one he left behind. Since his departure, the Eagles have sorely missed a deep threat of his capabilities. The closest thing they’ve had since then was Torrey Smith in the Super Bowl winning year. Despite not being a prolific playmaker like Jackson, Smith in that role for the Eagles paid dividends by keeping defensive backs in check and opening up the playbook.

DeSean may be older compared to the last time we saw him in Eagles green, but he still has the elite speed to cause opposing defenses fits. In an up-and-down season for the Bucs, he was able to lead the league in yards per reception. As of now, the Eagles WR depth chart includes Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor, Mack Hollins, and Shelton Gibson. Adding Jackson would upgrade the offense immensely and add a dynamic they’ve been missing for too long.

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