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We will never forget you, Chase: A Poem

A Poem Dedicated to Chase Utley

by Chris Deibler

What does it mean to be a champion?
A champion is defined by their passion and grind,
Their love for grit, sweat and hard work,
Through which those skills are cleansed and refined,

There you were in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre,
A Red Baron wielding a bat like a chef’s sharpest knife,
Chase, it is difficult to put into words,
Just how much, those days, were the best days, of my life,

Dreams of our past now suddenly beckon,
To go back to the days of glory, Red October and pine,
The smell of fresh cut grass and the crack of April,
This was your beginning, your moment to shine,

Your first hit came in the Wonder of Veterans Stadium,
Standing there at a brimming twenty-four,
A Shock and Awe of wood and yarn,
A Grand slam none of us could ever ignore,

It’s numbing to listen to the ghosts of Harry’s past,
To re-hear those auspicious calls stands the hairs on my arm so suddenly,
“Long drive, could it be, it is out of here;
“Welcome to The Show Mr. Utley,”

It was clear that Chase and Jimmy were the future,
As you orchestrated the middle infield like a maestro,
You were ready to take the league by the grips of your palms,
As we sat there eagerly awaiting to see how far you would go,

To play in Philadelphia,
One must accept the burden of our fandom’s ire,
Your desire to beat out every last ground ball
Made it sincerely easy to fulfill every Philly fan’s desire,

The concrete danced from the roar of Citizen’s Bank Park,
With swarms of red towels pirouetting in the air,
It was the World Series vs the Devil Rays,
With thousands of fans singing uniformly in prayer,

The score was knotted all up in the seventh,
While impatience and uncertainty had grown,
Iwamura dribbles it to second, when there was no play to be had,
Chase fake threw the ball to first and got Bartlett at home,

Like a ballet dancer on dirt,
It is forever known as the play of the postseason,
The fake throw to first will forever lie in endless joy,
A World Series championship was suddenly not out of reason,

It was purely a team effort,
On the back of Cole Hamels, the city would embrace,
To Jamie and Werth, From the The Bridge to Lidge,
From The Machine and Shane, to back to back homers from Ryan and Chase,

I will never forget the words as Chase stood on the podium with Harry,
The fans cheering in the stadium, celebrating full of brandy,
We were all family, I will never forget him say,
World f’n champions, it will live on until the last day,

Happy retirement,
From the working man’s fan,
I can still hear Harry Kalas say,
“Chase Utley, YOU ARE THE MAN!”

We will never forget you, Chase.


"Some would have us go out and buy apples. But we want to build the whole orchard, and you don't get to the moon by climbing a tree."
-Sam Hinkie

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