Acquaintance with Highwood Highsmith

At the training camp, the Bluecoat administration announced signing of a 10-day trial contract with basketball player Highwood Highsmith. In the team, he received the nickname “dark horse” which became a pleasant surprise for team. And those who are not familiar with the player were advised to pay attention to him.

In the team, he takes position of light forward. Highwood himself is also pleased with this turn of events. Sportsman is one of the 5 underrated players of current season.

According to experts, he is a young promising basketball player who averages 22 points per game. This result is great for the team. In the last team, 61 percent of success came from his hands.
Blue uniforms confirmed all prospects and professionalism of the basketball player. They gave some good advice and noticed that in the future dark horse would become an NBA star.

The Blue Mundtras said they would do anything to make Highsmith a successful professional basketball participant from their team. Indeed, in previous team, coaches did not want to notice his successes and did not allow such promising and impetuous players to develop.

The Blue Coats saw the newcomer’s abilities not only from statistics and papers but also in practice, and in game. Noticing that Highsmith is a versatile athlete who can is both an attacker and a defender, he throws in excellent penalty points. The administration of the team and coaching staff were struck by the fact that was not noticed early.

All prospects of the Philadelphia club are aimed at this player. Participant was noticed as a great participant with a wingspan of 6 feet 7 inches. Only NBA superstars have such parameters.

The team also noted that they are happy with such a promising player, and the previous team, having noticed the success of Highsmith, should envy and drool, because they are not going to give him to other hands.

By making the right choice, Highsmith would follow lead of other Bluecoat legends like Shake Milton and Jonah Bolden. They returned to the Philadelphia 76ers and showed what they are capable of in great professional basketball. In social networks, Highsmith says “ I like a new team. Here they use modern approaches to training and tactics, which was not case in the past.”

Interesting facts about Haywood Highsmith

The athlete was born on December 9, 1996, with very physical abilities and with a charismatic character trait, which attracts fans and public on field of play. At school, guy was an ordinary who took basketball for entertainment and never thought about professional sports in this direction. But when guy entered college, his life changed.

After several visits to basketball practice, he was noticed by a sports basketball coach. It was this person who motivated and supported him in this direction. Already in his sophomore year, Dark Horse averaged 14.5 points per game as a starter.

But it was the Philadelphia 76ers who became a lucky ticket to a professional career, where he made his NBA debut immediately after signing contract. There guy scored 3 points in 5 minutes over the Washington Wizards.

Legend is led the Philadelphia club to first place with a crushing score of 132-115. On the same day, he played for the Blue Coats against Raptors 905, showing the same excellent result, leaving opponent at the start.

Over his entire career, by NBA standards, he has absolutely excellent statistics. The press considers him an excellent player who deserves due attention. Its only disadvantage is a constant motivation. If there is no support or does not feel that team needs him, the sportsman shows poor results.

The Bluecoats have adopted this feature, and in return, they have received a young, bright, and promising player who contributes to the high results of the team.

Despite the positive aspects of Haywood Highsmith, it also received a lot of criticism from haters. They believe to this day that dark Horse is worthy of such greatness and take a place in the Philadelphia club.

But people who know a lot about sports do not pay attention to such outbursts and see the performance and capabilities of guy in action.