Club of Philadelphia in MLK Southern Cities

Before the 76ers inflicted a crushing defeat on the Rockets on MLK day, club’s management introduced a different game to the NBA’s southern cities. In such a beautiful city as Atlanta, game went on. The Hawks team hosted opponent Orlanda Medzhik. For the 76ers team, this game was very important.

They made a deep analysis of both teams, looked at what they can throw out of the limit of their abilities. Despite the fact that guests still won, this does not show their best result, because before that they were defeated 5 times. Here, the Philadelphia club reviewed potential players who want to win over to their side competitors of other clubs and teams.

The 76ers have banned Dwayne Deadmond from basketball. He showed himself as a promising, stable and center participant. Acts as a big man in the team. The Sixers have contacted him several times this season. Since Amir Jonsson could not repeat his wins compared to last season, the Philadelphia association is constantly juggling center basketball players.

Thus, joining the club Dwayne Deadmond will raise team spirit, morale and physical fitness of the team with such top professionals. Playing against the Orlando Magic, Deadmond made 7 passes toward ring and 5 of them were successful. Athletes have their own developed tactics, which he follows. All his actions are 85% successful thanks to such.

The sportsman Jeremy Lin also got in favor of the club. Not kind of prospect the Philadelphia club would want. For the 76ers, he has no particular value, rather, I consider him in order to add a flank universal participant. He did not show any other successful achievements. so society is only eyeing him and this player remains in question.

Very cool basketball player Taurus Prince. By this time, his contract is ending and Sixers want to quickly intercept him. But it is unlikely that such a super player will be given away without a fight. But if you provide him with good conditions, he will gladly accept them and move to the Philadelphia club.

On average, athlete scored about 14 points per game, which is an excellent result. Before that, he had a serious injury and rehabilitation. After a long absence from field and training, such result is considered excellent.

Tarent grew up – the best veteran defender according to the Sixers. A great participant who knows his business in defense. But age takes its toll, and 76ers saw him as perfect player to help score points and become center of defense.

By this time, his contract in Orlando is expiring, and a queue of people who want to lure basketball participant to their side has already gathered. The Philadelphia club is worried that competitors will be able to win it over to their side, because the 76ers do not have a lot of free assets.

The administration of the socuety persistently calls Orlando every day so as not to miss their opportunity.

The best outcome for the Philadelphia club

The Sixers’ top picks are Teren Ros and Dwayne Deadmond. But these players are quite popular among fans and the public, and the Philadelphia club has a limited budget. This factor may affect entry of participants into their club. If basketball players don’t make it into the buyout market for Philadelphia, it will be a bust and it’s unlikely they’ll be able to buy popular participants.

The 76ers organizers loved the Hawks’ home arena in Atlanta. The game successfully coincided with day of the MLK. In addition to game, we managed to see festive atmosphere of city and sights. The arena of Atlanta gathered a lot of spectators on the day of the holiday.

There were not only sports fans, but also people who wanted to have a good time with their families. Before the game, a lot of competitions and an amateur game of pensioners against youth were organized.

The Sixers’ top picks are Teren Ros and Dwayne Deadmond. But these players are quite popular among the fans and the public, and the Philadelphia club has a limited budget. This factor may affect the entry of players into their club.