The reason for leaving the 76ers player Markel Fultz

After the statement that Markel Fultz left the 76ers club, the team felt the damage without his participation. After all, the player was a leader, professional number 1 in the team. Markelo could not be replaced by anyone, because there were no equals to him. the club’s owners declined to comment on the matter, as it is just as much a blow and detriment to them as it is to the team.

As you know, at beginning of the year, professional was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. The background to everything is a car accident. In conclusion, doctors wrote that the basketball player escaped with a slight fright.

On a psychological level, he convinced himself wich he had a shoulder injury. After that, Markelo was diagnosed with phantom injuries. In this regard, athlete often complained to his mother wich they were pressuring him in club and demanding the impossible from him.

But 76ers transmitted confirmed and documented evidence that Fultz was in the best conditions, and in recent weeks helped to cope with difficulties.

The 76ers supported him to the last, believed in him, and helped him. After all, he showed excellent results despite fact wich he could not throw ball into ring. Foltz’s entrance to field was always accompanied by applause so that he would not lose heart.

Another opinion on the departure of Markelo Fultz

From the first minutes of game after the injury, it became clear that Fultz did not recover. He became number 1 topic for discussion. He used to throw like Shaquille O’Neal, and after injury he missed 13 times out of 16. But it’s not the guy’s fault. Blame it on the 76ers.

Because during the shoulder injury, coach did not remove him from match, but injected him with a cortisol injection despite the guy’s complaints. This affected the positive mechanics of throws. Sports analyst Kevin O’Conor criticized Philadelphia team. “I just don’t understand what a player wants on field without a test. They just shot him with a cortisol drug.”

It’s not the first time the 76ers have neglected health of their players in fear of losing. Were seen in misdiagnosis in order to injuries in athletes. An example of this is center Kwame Brown. Doctors 76ers diagnosed a minor tendon sprain.

But on a full examination, it turned out is a complete rupture of ligaments. The athlete replied “If I had not turned to specialized doctors in time, injury would have led to the end of my career.”

The future is the key to success

League representatives confirmed that club did everything possible to help and influence situation. But Fultz did not go to meet them, either because of influence of his mother, or because of personal considerations, it is not known for sure.

But do not forget that basketball is a team game. While the founders paid full attention to Fultz, forgetting about team, they caused irreparable damage to the entire club. While founders believed in the injury in order to one player, criticism fell in their direction wich everything was fiction and there was no evidence for this.

Only then did it dawn on them what a massive mistake had been made.

The team came to conclusion that for almost 2 years they had patience with Fultz because he became an insecure player. In the near future, if he had not left the team, Fultz would have caused damage to entire club.

In the end, the team decided to move on and focus on winning. The mental and physical stability in order to team will be greatly enhanced if you stop focusing on one player.

After all, syndrome of cockroach exit is not treated and in the end, he would have to leave club, if not with support of his mother, then with assistance in order to team. Such a diagnosis would knock him out of sport for a long time.

The team itself breathed a sigh of relief, because whole situation affected morale of every basketball player in the club. After all, it’s hard enough to enter field of play, forgetting about such an unpleasant incident. Therefore, the main rule in team sports is to always move forward no matter what.